Sunday, December 26, 2004

Here Goes

With the immenent passing of 2004, my thoughts are on the future and how to make the coming year one to be remembered. The usual resolutions...lose a few pounds, get rid of clutter, write a best selling novel (ho,ho) come to mind. Then I think, be reasonable old boy. Ain't gonna happen. In this seventh decade of living, think about doing what you dream of but have yet to accomplish. Climbing Mt Everest? Don't think so. I never liked the cold. Biking across Europe. There's a thought waiting to happen but there's lots of logistics involved and the organized tours are pricy. Anyway I don't like traveling in groups.

One activity that keeps bobbing to the top in spite of my efforts to reimmerse it is pure and simple walking. There's something that almost anyone in decent health can do but we all seem to avoid it like the plague. I never park at the back of the Wal-Mart lot to afford me the opportunity to walk a bit further. Yet I know I should do at least a half hour walk every day for the pure benefit of exercise. Unfortunately this oftentimes doesn't happen but I know I should. So for the new year I plan to get out more and do more walking. The main reason I'm putting this down here is so I can't backslide so easily. I've told the world I'm going to do it so now I've reinforced the inspiration and don't want to have to make a bunch of lazy excuses later. Now the world is my witness.

So having said all that, I look outside and it's raining. That's a great reason to put off a walk, huh? No way. I'm outta here. See ya.

© 2004 David Agniel


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi David: As usual, your "memoirs" are very entertaining! I revert to my earlier comments that you need to get some of these stories published. Reader's digest is always looking for some innovative writer's who have a story to tell. So much of what you write about people can easily relate to. Your trip with your friend Leroy for example - going along the French Riveria (sp?) Sharon & I (Chell) took that trip, only we were driving a Mercedes 380 SL convertable. I had taken a 10 day leave from Karlsruhe, Germany - headquarters for the DODDS School System where I was Associate Superintendant for Personnel & Administration. Having just completed tough, tough negotiations with the Overseas Education Association & American Federation of Teachers (both unions) my blood pressure was up and I really needed a break. By the way, we attended the Cannes Film Festival on this trip (in 1980) where the James Bond movie "Octopussy" won a big award. Have to say that all the nudity on the beach there at Cannes really offended me. NOT!!! :-) Regards, Chell

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha its me dominique i thought i
should at least encourage you since i didnt read (again too long) lots of love

6:29 PM  

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