Monday, December 27, 2004

Up and Running

Well, not really running. More like a fast walk. No, try a medium stroll. Anyhow.... I made it out the door yesterday and into the rain for a bit under two hours in the very (for Florida) cold and wet weather.

If my calculations are correct, I did about a 5+ mile jaunt to break in the new Christmas hiking boots. Luckily, I did the waterproofing thing with the Aquaseal before christening the boots. They came through like a champ and no sore spots. Can't say too much about North Face boots. They are great. Also have to give favorable mention to the lightweight Thunderlight rain parka. Also makes a great windbreaker for cool climes.

We have heard from all our far flung offspring who are celebrating the holidays in distant spots. Hi guys. To Debbie and Rob, Kristy and Devon and Frank in California, Earl and Kris and the girls in Texas, Kim visiting Ty and Steph at Notre Dame, Adrienne & Joey, Chance and the twins in Maryland and Tucker in Melbourne Beach. Hope Santa was good and we send thanks for all your gifts, phone calls, E-mails, cards and well wishes. I'm sure my weather comments will fall on unconcerned ears for you of the frigid north.

So I'm out of here for today. Time to get moving. Another golden opportunity to change the world.

© 2004 David Agniel