Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tuesday Morning

We've been caring for Kimberly's dogs while she is up North. Great dogs with distinct personalities. I'm convinced someone else's dogs are the best kind to have. But we'll miss them a lot when they leave. Calypso follows me around like I have bacon in my pocket. Angelica has her own agenda and it is akin to a cat's. She marches to a different drummer but she does prefer my lap in the evening.

Surprised myself yesterday on the trail.. managed to log 7.4 miles in two hours flat. Used the pedometer to check it. Also broke out the Walkman and enjoyed good music along the way. Still cool at 55 degrees - but after 15 minutes the sweat shirt finds a place tied around my waist. Passed within a few feet of a snowy egret and it didn't even bother to look up.

Walking is a great way to meet the neighbors you don't normally see. Also a great way to find out what kind of development is going on. A new section of lots is being developed at the River Club so I checked them out and when I asked what ones were available I learned they are already sold. So much for the threat of hurricanes keeping those Snowbirds from descending on the South. Guess Lowes and Home Depot knew what they were doing when they located here last year. Several other large developments are planned in the county - don't think they will proceed without a lot of challenges from the present population. This area is about the last place in Florida not smothered by the traffic congestion.

I found the downside to the new boots. They leave great mounds of sand all over the floor and result in Robbie chasing me out of the house to remove them. You would think I was housebroken by now. Not.

We are attempting to keep the "Christmas Tree" alive until Kim gets in tomorrow night. The "tree" is the top most 8 feet of a giant cedar - probably a 55 footer - that I cut down about 6 weeks ago that was part of the hurricane removal effort. The blighter is super dry but we hope it will retain a few needles another day or two. I know when it is removed from the house it will render up every last needle in the living room - of course they will be mixed with sand most likely from whatever shoes I'm sporting.

Peace be unto all this day :)

© 2004 David Agniel


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